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India’s jewellery ad with a trans model is a hit with the Public.

In India, a commercial for traditional Indian jewellery featuring a transgender model is gaining popularity. The one-minute-40-second movie depicts a trans woman’s transformation from an awkward adolescent with facial hair and self-doubt to a stunning confident bride. The film, which stars Meera Singhania Rehani, 22, illustrates the love and acceptance that the protagonist receives from […]

Social Media Platforms Analysis for Improve Indirect Traffic for Your Contents.

Whether you like it or not, social media is essential for both marketers and consumers across the world. When lockdowns brought people indoors and online in 2020, they rapidly understood how important it was to build a durable social network online. And what about brands? The Brands wouldn’t be able to grow without social media and thorough digital strategies. 43 % of studies said they’re creating and sharing more content on their own, presumably to remain in […]

Why Apple Products are so Expensive?

Apple also maintains significant profit margins on its devices, which many industry experts estimate to be about 500 percent! Another important reason why the iPhone is pricey in India but relatively affordable in nations like Japan and Dubai is currency devaluation. Today, Apple is a high-end technology company, and possessing an iPhone is a fashion […]

How to Cut Food Portions Without Getting Hungry.?

You might start by eating less when trying to reduce weight. But without going hungry? Fortunately, there are various methods for reducing calories while avoiding hunger. 1. Vegetables should make up at least half of your plate. You can eat the same amount of food while reducing overall calories by substituting non-starchy veggies for half […]

How to sleep better and fall asleep faster

It’s critical to obtain enough good-quality sleep because it has a significant impact on how we feel emotionally and physically. Watch our video with Colin Espie, professor of sleep medicine at the University of Oxford, for basic sleep suggestions. The suggestions you’ll discover here are an excellent approach to start thinking about your sleep and […]

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